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Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Jen Loves To Work With Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

With over 10 years of experience Jen knows exactly how to help you reach your ideal clients

Jen does your keyword research

Your editorial calendar is written

Your social media account are rewritten

You retain ownership of all of your accounts

Month to month contract

Jennifer Gardella, PhD

Jennifer started her work in digital marketing to help small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs with their digital marketing.

And now, more than ever, she knows the importance of expert advice. If you want to increase the SEO of your website and amplify your message on social media, Jennifer is the guide you can trust.

Jennifer loves to explain complicated topics in small bite-sized pieces for understanding to get you out of overwhelm and connecting with your ideal client.

Every month Jennifer and the team prepare blogs and social media posts to capture the attention of your ideal clients.

Jen Knows Digital Marketing

She's been in the business for 10 years

She's built her own successful strategy

Jen learned from the best

No flashy gimmicks or trends

Do It Yourself (with help)

Blogging & Social Media Courses and DAILY instruction to build your digital presence

Social Media And Blogging For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

You need an expert to reach your ideal clients.

Most business owners make the same mistake when creating marketing campaigns to reach their ideal clients: they focus on themselves and not their ideal clients.

Your ideal clients want an expert…and to reach them, you need to executive a strategic marketing plan. With years of experience helping entrepreneurs and business owners, Jennifer is uniquely qualified to help you. She knows exactly what your ideal clients are thinking and can help you position yourself as the expert to solve their pain. You are an expert in helping your ideal clients with your expertise and Jennifer's superpower is understanding your ideal clients.

If you have looked at your successful competitors, you have noticed that their marketing speaks to the pain of their ideal clients and customers. They are regularly blogging and sharing content on social media. They speak to the pain points and concerns. As a result, they stay top-of-mind and can be found in Google search because of the SEO value packed into their website. The strong foundation of their digital presence is working for them every day.

How Do You Market A New or Existing Business?

Carefully and with a strategy...

Let's face it, the internet is crowded. To stand out above the noise you need a strategy with laser focus on showing your ideal clients that you are the one they should engage with and buy from.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs attempt to just "start posting" to their blog or social media accounts.

They post about their products and services, experience, and education. And ya know, what, they hear crickets. Why? Because marketing needs to focus on your ideal clients.

We know you are frustrated…Afterall, they didn’t teach you ThIS type of marketing in school. You know you need a solid marketing strategy built on research with consistent branding and daily/weekly activity. The Gardella Group can help.

Read what our clients have to say about working with our team:

Jen helped our firm cut marketing expenses by 50%

We no longer overspend for digital marketing or engage in long-term contracts. She is able to consistently write to our ideal clients with messaging they want to hear -- without charging outlandish prices. Jennifer works with our staff using a Team mindset. We maintain control of everything she does for our firm.

Hanan Isaacs, Managing Partner, Kingston Law Group

Jennifer gets you out of overwhelm. You want to be billing, not blogging!  

As a younger attorney, I thought I knew everything that had to be done to market our firm. But neither law school nor growing up with technology prepared me for what had to be done to correctly reach our ideal clients.  Most importantly, Jennifer does the heavy lifting in writing and research so I can concentrate on client work and building our practice. On top of that, she’s so easy to work with, making this process painless!

Misty A. Avallone, Esq., Managing Partner, Kingston Law Group

Social Media and Blogging for Start-Ups and Business Owners

Keyword Research

Did you pay for a big fancy website but still are not ranking on your core business areas. Keyword research is the center of your digital marketing plan.  We look at your competitors and use a myriad of data aggregating websites to uncover and then use the right keywords and questions when writing your content. 


While the SEO score of your site is a combination of many factors, content is the undisputed #1 ranking factor.  Active blogging around the core issues of your ideal clients (using the right keywords of course), will show the search engines you are consistently updating your website.

Social Media

Social media is the #1 way to amplify your message. But it has to be done with care and within the brand of your business. If you want to stand out you have to post to social media sites where your ideal clients hang out. We help you . 

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