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How to Use AI to Write blogs? Just don’t...

April 16, 20242 min read

 If you have been filling your website with AI generated content, remove it immediately." Jennifer Gardella, Ph.D.


Should you use AI (ChatGPT) to write content for your website, blog and social media posts?  For over a year my answer has been no.  In fact I have warned that AI created content is low-quality and eventually would cause problems.  For more than 10 years Google has told us the ranking algorithm favors high-quality content. The only way to improve your rankings is to write keyword-rich (and appropriate) content that your ideal clients are regularly searching for in Google.  

Do not use ChatGPT to write website content.

The March, 2024 Google Algorithm update does just that.  It evaluates all types of content and devalues the low-quality content including AI and spam.  If you think your site is too small for Google to scan, think again.  ALL sites will be scanned.  It is estimated that it could interrupt SERP (search engine results page) by 40%.  

Since the beginning of time, Google has warned, in ways big and small that content must be high quality. Well-written, easily read, new, fresh 

How do you want to write content? You should focus ALL of your efforts on Google E-E-A-T and highlight your 

  1. Experience

  2. Expertise

  3. Authoritativeness

  4. Trustworthiness.

What should you do instead:  GREAT CONTENT

There is just no substitute  

  1. Keyword Research

  2. Editorial Calendar 

  3. Put time on your calendar several times per week to outline and write.

  4. Use news stories - 

I know this sounds confusing, and you may want to take the simple way out by using AI.  But using low-quality content written by ChatGPT can do far more harm than good for the SEO of your website.  

Should you have any questions about creating content, please book a call with our CEO, Jennifer Gardella, Ph.D.  She makes time in her schedule each and every week to answer questions.  As we say here at The Gardella Group…Awareness and Education lead to Empowerment and Growth.  And we are here to help you grow your business.  

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Dr Jennifer Gardella is a social media and blogging expert

Jennifer Gardella, PhD

Dr Jennifer Gardella is a social media and blogging expert

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